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General knowledge of lawn mower maintenance

2022-05-09 08:05:57

1. Disassemble the spark plug, clean the carbon deposits, and measure the (electrode) gap between 0.6-0.7mm.

2. Overhaul the fuel filter and clean the fuel tank. Pour out the engine fuel, take out the filter, and clean it gently to remove the moisture and dirt attached to the fuel tank.

3. The radiator is checked through the hood to see if the radiator needs to be cleaned. If it is dirty, it should be cleaned.

4. Fuel pipe Check the fuel pipe, if it is aging or leaking oil, it should be replaced in time.

5. Replace the blade in time.

6. Pour out the fuel from the fuel tank, press the fuel pump several times, then empty the fuel tank, install the blade cover on the blade, and put the lawn mower in a clean place. This allows the machine to last longer.

7. Four-stroke gasoline engine fuel (above 90#), the new engine is run-in at idle speed for 2 hours, and the hot engine can be used normally after changing the oil. During normal use, the oil should be replaced once every 30 hours or so, and the oil level should be checked before and after each use.

8. When the four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine works continuously, the temperature of the crankcase should not exceed 90 degrees. When it is overheated, it can continue to work after stopping for 15-20 minutes. Adding gasoline must be done when the engine is cold. Do not use maximum throttle for extended periods of time when not mowing.

9. The gasoline engine is prohibited from overspeeding and should be stopped at low speed.

10. The engine oil should be of the correct type, the original product, and clean, and the gasoline should be clean and fresh.

11. Non-professionals are not allowed to adjust the carburetor.

12. The air filter element should be checked frequently and replaced regularly. Dirty filter elements should be washed with soapy water and dried in the shade before use.

13. After the gasoline engine runs for 100-300 hours, the carbon deposits should be removed once. When cleaning, remove the cylinder head and remove the carbon deposits on the cylinder, cylinder head, piston, valve, etc. Carbon deposits must not enter the cylinder bore and valve seat.

14. Keep the gasoline engine, especially the radiator of the cylinder block clean.

15. During refueling, inspection, maintenance and warranty, please unplug the spark plug cap, do not smoke, and keep away from open flames.

16. Do not operate indoors. When the machine is working, except the operator, unrelated personnel should leave the machine more than 15 meters.

17. Check the tightness of the bolts in the working part and other parts before and after each use of the machine.

18. If there is a clutch, do not start the gasoline engine until the clutch is exposed, that is, the engine is not installed.

19. Other lubricating parts of the machine should be regularly filled with lubricating oil or grease according to the instructions.




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